We meet with regional pastors and mission organizational leaders and and examine their desire to expand the reach of the Gospel by planting churches.

Our desire is to provide an access to the Gospel in the hardest to reach and least reach regions of Haiti and the Haitian diaspora worldwide.

Once we have established who truly desires to plant churches we arrange for the young upcoming leaders they have selected to receive detailed facilitator training in all the requirements of the DEO LIVE SCHOOL. These young leaders will run the schools and be responsible to see that the students enrolled complete their assignments and participate in the ministry outreaches required.

We are convinced that with the more than adequate training and exceptional tools provided by the DEO LIVE SCHOOL the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the moral fiber and values of the Word of God will make a change within the Haitian society that will set the stage for thousands of young people to be sent to plant churches throughout all of Haiti, reaching the unreached and raising up young people to send missionaries throughout the French speaking nations of the world and all through all the nations of the world. We believe that God has been setting the stage and positioning the Haitian young people to become a missionary sending nation.

Isaiah 40:15 says, "Surely the nations are like a drop in a bucket; they are regarded as dust on the scales; he weighs the islands as though they were fine dust." God holds the outcome of the scales in His hands. We believe that God called us to the task in Haiti because His desire to to revoke all the enemy has stolen from the people of Haiti and make the country a demonstration of His grace and mercy to the rest of the world. We fully believe that Haiti is to be a sending nation called to the nations to bring the nations to their knees in front of the Lord God Almighty. People called to present the love of Jesus the Christ to every man, woman and child.

The Live School is a compiled 246 hours of video school with the best practitioners teaching subject matter that will not only change the young men and women students involved in the schools but will change all those that come in contact with the students that have become church planters, evangelists, and ministers of the good news of the risen loving Savior. Learn more about the Live School.

In September we had the privilege of starting the first Live School in Haiti, Jacmel Mission School. By the end of 2018 we would like to start more than 30 additional schools in Haiti and we believe we will be able to do that. Click below to read the personal testimony and insights from our facilitator of the first school in Haiti.