How do you feel and what do you feel about the situation caused by Hurricane Matthew was the question I posed to my friend Evends Monfiston who lives in Jacmel, Haiti. Monfiston lives not far from where a few weeks ago Hurricane Matthew devastated the area known as the southern peninsula of Haiti, commonly referred to as the “southern claw.
This was his response. ‘How do I feel? "It might be myself and my loved ones. How are they going to make it? I would do something to prevent that if I could. They have been always the first victims because of their bad and very poor living conditions. If only I could do something to improve once and for all their conditions. My only concern is that many will use the situation these people are in to get rich."
After researching the cost of replacing a roof by purchasing the materials in Haiti and paying Haitian workmen to replace roofs blown off by the hurricane I have found that we can replace a 16’ x 16’ roof for $286.00
I would like to ask you financially partner with us as I go to Haiti on December 2. Once in Haiti I will meet up with a young friend named Mozart. Mozart lives in Cap Haitian, Haiti. Mozart and I will fly from Cap Haitian to the south arriving as close to the area as we can. There we will connect with another friend, Pastor Evends Monfiston. The three of us will then travel several hours by road to Jeremie where we will meet with another Haitian young man. Edner Bien-Aime’ who is an evangelist. Edner has already made arrangements for us to be able to purchase the building supplies in Jeremie. After all the arrangements have been made to deliver the building supplies to the village we will be helping we will rest in Jeremie overnight. The following day the four of us, led by Edner will hike four hours to a village named Alla. Alla is a village that cannot be reached by road but where a church has been planted. Our goal is to help rebuild the village to the best of our ability, rebuild the church structure and encourage, pray for, minister to, and bless the local pastor and the people of the community. I plan also plan to bring a fresh water filter system with me for the people. Cholera is present in the area and a filtering system was asked for. We were also asked to bring some basic first aid items for the people. 
Please help us with these needs. Sponsor a roof ($286.00) x 40 roofs = $11,440.00 Pay for a water filter system. ($356.35) Pay for transportation for all 4 of us ($1479.50) Pay for meals and some lodging and basic needs for the 4 of us. 
When you sit down to your Thanksgiving Day meals stop for a minute and take up a collection and then pray for us. Pray that God will allow us simply to be a blessing to these people that have lost everything.

I will be carrying with me a copy of the French version of the World Mission Centre 'Live School' which will be shared with Pastor Evends Monfiston and Evangelist Edner Bien-Aime'. Lord willing this will be the introduction of 'Live School' to the island of Haiti.
We thank you. The Haitian people thank you.
All donations made are tax deductible and will be receipted.

Nov 7, 2016 By Paul