People reflect the God they worship. This paraphrase of Psalm 115:8 and Psalm 135:18 probably best sums up the subject matter taught in very many different ways over the course of the last two weeks here in Zambia.

In Mwandi on the Zambezi river, about 2 hours west of Livingstone, home of the mighty Victoria Falls, dad and I stayed in a guest house on a mission station housing both a school and a hospital. The school, on the banks of the Zambezi River, the oldest school in Zambia, was started in 1868. On the grounds of the church is a very old tree on the banks of the river where David Livingstone on his journey to the Victoria Falls spent the night. It was apparently the next day that Livingston, became the first white man to view the 'Smoke that Thunders' and Mosi-oa-Tunya the African name for the falls. In honor of Queen Victoria he then named the falls, boarding both Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls.

Zambia is a large country bordering on 8 different countries in Africa. A population of 15 million is, as so many countries African countries being infiltrated by Islam. Already every cabinet member and government official has received a Koran-Quran. The country itself has declared itself to be a Christian nation and yet as it rapidly progresses economically and socially Islam is making inroads in business, areas such as mining, hotels and financial commerce. Already an Islamic Bank offers loans without any interest. In the streets especially here in Lusaka it is obvious that those embracing Islam have made Zambia their home bringing with them the Islamic teachings of Muhammad. Dad has focused the last two weeks, both in Mwandi, Livingstone and Lusaka, in many different venues, as many as four hours a day, teaching the fundamentals of ‘Civilizing Peaceful Jihad’, the history and foundations of the Quran and the driving forces behind a religious society embracing a shame/honor culture. True Islam is radical Islam.

In Mwandi I had the privilege each morning to teach two different sessions, one session with the fulltime missions hospital staff and then one session with the volunteer staff working in the orphanage. I taught on ‘the Fruit of the Spirit’ and love. The last session I happened to notice a poster on the wall in the classroom I was teaching in and then another poster on the opposite wall. Both posters in different ways portrayed the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’. Love-Joy-Peace-Patience-Kindness-Goodness-Faithfulness-Gentleness-Self-control. The smiles on the faces as I pointed to the posters affirmed that God had indeed prepared my heart and their spirits to receive the teaching I shared. They each told me they would be different because of out time together. It was indeed a joy for me to have the opportunity to pour into their lives. In the evening I focused a 30-40 minute teaching on pray prior to dads teaching on Islam. Without prayer it will be impossible to defeat the demonic spirits that are driving this illegal religious force. As Daniel prayed believing, so to must we pray believing with expectation that our prayers are being heard. Daniel chapter 10 communicates that Daniels prayers had been heard on the day they started, 21 days earlier, but because the demonic Prince of Persia had waged war with the messenger the message had been delayed in reaching Daniel. We must pray, asking God to stop these same demonic spirits that waged war with the messenger and with Michael the arc-angel.

From Mwandi we went to Livingstone teaching Friday evening and the Sunday morning service in a church in which there were those that gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ. Saturday we had the privilege of visiting the Victoria Falls and I had the privilege of trying to kill myself by descending to the bottom of the falls to a location known as the ‘Boiling Pot’. Once I got back to the top I was sure that I was going to die.

We left Sunday afternoon for Lusaka where we have continued to teach. Today is our last session. Tomorrow afternoon we leave for South Africa.

Please continue to pray for us. Please consider supporting us financially as the costs are quite high for this trip. I am convinced having heard the pastors and leaders of the churches that what we are communicating has not been shared here before and is ‘right on time’. Only God would have known. Only God could have planned for the many opportunities we have had to share the Gospel.

Mar 12, 2015 By Paul