Haiti, May 2011. She sat across from me with tears flooding her eyes. Her husband, Ronel, sat next to her. Looking at Ronel for help as he interpreted for her, the words were slowly formed. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you and please tell Michelle that I love her and I cannot wait to meet her. Thank her for taking care of my husband even better than I can. Thank you for loving us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much.” I could feel the depth of gratitude coming from deep inside of Virginie.

The circumstances leading to this precious encounter had begun in March of 2010. I had just returned from Haiti. Discussing a future youth ministry trip with plans to clean the streets of the plastic littering Cap Haitian, Haiti but not knowing what to do with all the plastic we would pick up, my friend Doug had made one simple statement. “You know my family is in the plastic recycling business?” My response, “No, I did not know.” By June of 2010 Doug and I were in Haiti. It could be done. A meeting with Hans Schutt and the introduction of an old warehouse into the equation and the vision began to take root. Could a business be established in Haiti? How and what would be involved? We returned with dreams and visions but many pieces had to come together.  I returned to Haiti in July 2010. I was to interview, examine and gather business information and logistics for Doug so that he would be better able to know how to proceed with the recycling business.  Half way through that week I was very frustrated. Nothing seemed to be getting done and what did this have to do with the Daniel Esther Project? But by the end of the week I knew because a young man I had not seen in many years came to see me. I had not seen Ronel  (Mr. T as we all call him) for probably 4 years. We talked about the business and the possibility of him being involved. I returned home, called Doug and thinking T would come for a few days to look at the business, we brought him to Columbia. He went back to Haiti in March of this year after spending eight months living here in our home with us. The business here in Columbia trained him in all aspects of plastic recycling and they committed to a salary for T and housing for Virginie and himself. The equipment for recycling, the paperwork, everything is in the works to get the business up and running. We just returned from Haiti and had extremely successful meetings.  We are looking for a couple of generators both larger than 100KW, if you know anyone that wants to make them available. Lord willing, the owner of the warehouse, the honorary German Counsel, a very influential man in the city of Cap Haitian, will be here with us this next week to see how the operation works. Already the leading officials of the city of Cap Haitian are excited about this project and we know that this is just the beginning of building relationships that will lead to seeing the nation of Haiti changed, giving glory to God for all he has done.

Now that PERL1 (People Environment Recycling Logistics and 1 is the number on the bottles) is soon up and running, the next project is to build the wall and create security around the property for the Daniel Esther Project in Milot.

Our paperwork for the acquisition of the property in Milot has been sent from Port au Prince to Cap Haitian; from there it will be sent to Milot.  The mayor of Milot decided we needed additional land and added to the amount previously agreed to, granting us about 9.5 acres in total.  If you would send me an email address or if you would prefer a hard copy, I would love to send you a copy of our case study for Haiti sharing some of the vision we have undertaken.Thank you for your interest, prayer and help. We have been able to meet the needs of Delsi, an orphan, by purchasing clothes, shoes, and a bed and by giving him the ability to begin to earn monies for himself. We helped him to establish a small business buying and selling food items. He will in the future be employed by PERL1 and then later be involved in the Daniel Esther Project. Lovely, the daughter of a widow blessed by our ability to help her mother and herself, left walking in the pouring rain one evening overjoyed and returned fifteen minutes later very wet but smiling and happy, to say thank you again. We have a computer on its way to be installed in a secure environment on which she will be able to work and learn as she pursues a career. I could go on and on but I really just wanted to invite you to rejoice in all that the Lord has been doing over the last months.