It was September 15, 2011: We sat next to each other in the North of Haiti. She spoke softly, tears welling up in her already puffy eyes, "I was at the side of my husbands casket in Port au Prince when the police sent word that they had released the two men arrested for murdering my husband. Why, why would they do that? And then they said that I was to go to the men's homes and bring them, the police, proof of the men's guilt. They said I must find out who was responsible for coming into our home and murdering my husband who was a pastor.

You know someone three years ago also murdered another pastor in our town who was a good friend of my husband and no one has ever stood trial for the murder. Now the police say I must find the persons that murdered my husband and they want me to bring them to the police. I am just a little woman, how can I do that? And my son is in Florida with a neighbor of mine. I was visiting a friend in Florida with my 8 year old son when they murdered my husband. Haitians don't care about human life." The tears began to flow. Hardly audible she spoke these words. "Why did God not stop this? He could have."

It was December 2007: We sat across from each other in the South of Haiti. "May I sit with you?"  I asked. He spoke firmly and directly as he extended his hand. "Please sit down. My name is.... they consider me an expert on all the war torn countries of the world. Rwanda, Zimbabwe, I have been coming to Haiti for 40 years." He continued. " Haiti is an island with a special mentality. Many in Haiti believe they are the center of the world. They believe the world is watching them everyday. For a long time Haiti was a society of pirates. Steal as much as you can, as fast as you can before anyone else gets it. There is no value for human life. They care nothing for Haitian life." He paused, sighed deeply and continued. "November 29, 1987 during the presidential election voting process, attackers opposed to the election massacred 30 people in front of me and shot to death my friend and partner a television journalist from the Dominican Republic. He was gunned down after he put his hands up over his head. I went to the authorities expressing my outrage and was simply told, 'Don't tell us what to do with our Haitians, we will do anything we want to.' No one, no one has ever stood trial for those crimes." Again he paused and took a deep breath. "Haiti needs democracy, no not American democracy but democracy that will hold people accountable, those responsible for past crimes. Justice must be brought to the land. Freedom means to act responsibly, and freedom and responsibility are demonstrated through a respect for human life. Haitians must be taught democracy. Haitians must be taught to discipline responsibly." He stopped. " What is it that you want to do?

Briefly I detailed the plans for the Daniel Esther Project. "Ahh! a school of excellence," he said. "You know the French tradition is to study hard. Good schools are missing. Children are eager to learn. They have the potential to learn and to be excellent students." If you create this school you talk about then I will come to see it and I will bring others to come to see it. No one is doing this!"

We can not change the outcome for the young wife and mother and we can not change the death of the journalist or the lack of disciplined justice for both but we can begin to train a generation that understands forgiveness, understands love and walks with the favor, wisdom and stature granted to those as sons and daughters of the living KING. We can be involved in raising a generation to act responsibly and value all human life.

Last week we walked a piece of property, almost 6 football fields in size in Milot, Haiti. We were handed a document from the State of Haiti that states that the land is to be used for our housing and educational facilities. We were instructed to create quickly a regional Haitian organization and to start building immediately.

Luke 2:52 tells us that Jesus kept on growing wiser and more mature, and in favor with God and his fellow man. We too desire to experience the outcomes of this verse and we desire to quickly begin to impart to the Daniel's and Esther's entrusted to us these attributes that speak of true democracy. 

Pray for us and join us in funding, implementing and undertaking this project.