Hello friends,

I wanted to give you an update on our progress here in Haiti. Our first day here was spent in going through the materials, means and methods of the SALT (Students And Leaders Tomorrow) with Evends Monfiston.

We spent our second day with a cellular phone company establishing the means whereby we will be able to communicate to the children (students) through the Internet. We were able to establish two methods which we then took to three different locations. One location was in a vehicle on the streets of Cap Haitian. Another location was in a hotel lobby. We tried the courtyard in a restaurant and then went way out to a mountain location an hour from the city and made a connection. Each time we were able to communicate through a video Internet link to Chris Matthews in South Carolina. We have established at least two means of video Internet interaction. Today we may try another as we plan on establishing two more SALTs. Evends Monfiston has returned to Jacmel in the south of Haiti. He carried with him the first MacBook with all the downloads including Internet schooling video links. He also has the beginning platform which we will build off of in order to teach English but more importantly Biblical values. The material is The Jesus Storybook Bible and four animated DVDs covering the book. In September the version should once again be available in Haitian Creole at which time we will pass it on to the three SALTs here in Haiti.

Let me give you a brief overview of the plan. In Haiti we will initially have three SALTs. Each one will be established in a different home. Example - Monfiston has four children, not his own, from the community or streets who are not in school because of varying situations. The children will be connected through the Internet to a family or families in South Carolina or even another part of the world. These international families along with their national families will then become the coaches for the kids’ academic and Biblical worldview. Picture instead of a pen pal a pad pal. My son Joey then sitting as a homeschooled child at a desk or kitchen table in Columbia, South Carolina along with my wife Michelle, his instructor, can through the internet help to instruct a child in Haiti, India, Africa, the Middle East, Asia etc. and tomorrows leaders of nations, Daniels and Esther's will begin to be born. In India when I asked four young boys who they desired to become when they grew up, the answers were: the regional chief of police for the entire area, a very, very important position in India. Another boy wanted to be the city chief of police, the third, an important military officer and the last, an engineer. When I inquired as to what type of engineer the response came back that he wanted to be a scientist working with the stars and space. My response, NASA!? And so their dreams connected with military officers, engineers, police chiefs, architects, builders, lawyers, teachers, pastors, moms and dads and ...... can become a reality.

Today we will try to connect from outside of Cap Haitian here in the North of Haiti to Jacmel in the South of Haiti to Columbia SC. We also plan to explain in detail once again to two different families here in the area giving out two more Mac Books with the Jesus Storybook Bible and DVDs. And so, Lord willing, by this evening the beginnings of three SALTs will have been started.

One more thing, yesterday we spent time with the director of a school in a slum in Haiti. 800-1000 children attend this school in a very difficult place. We met with the principal and some teachers. We will work to establish a curriculum and computer classes with them. This is a great opportunity as we have the opportunity to impact many children with the academic material we present.

We are excited as we see all these wonderful opportunities come to fruition. We encourage you to be involved in any way you desire.

Paul and Michelle