The South of Haiti is well known by all as one of the beautiful part of the country. Despite all situations, its beauty was preserved for a long time by the grace of these people who have been able to the protected it, up to this October 2016, where this violent category 4 hurricane known as "Matthew" ravaged all the South Coast, that killed almost a thousand of people, destroyed schools and churches, hospitals and homes. More than 50% of the population is homeless and exposed to epidemics diseases and cholera. This tragedy broke the heart of more than one and affected the whole country. As i can see it, this disaster paralyzes us a little up to present but it's a point of profit for some who pretend to understand our situation and act like they want to help us. Many aids and supports from the international, many helps from local personalities, organizations and foundations, many sacrifices are made to rebuild the South of the country, but so many people don't really understand that we in need this. Aids don't help if it can help to help give aids to your own self...well this disaster could be a exit door for Haiti to stay out from poverty, and that "always-need" situation, if only the measures were well considered and aids came really from hands who simply want to help to people who are really in needs.