'My my...What a new season you are beginning' was the response from a friend when I shared by text mail that this past Saturday I received a call from Haiti informing us that the deed for the 9 acres+- (3 carreaux) was ready for us.

My friend Pastor Ecclesias called early Saturday morning to inform me that he had received word that the paperwork finally, after about a year of waiting, was complete and ready for us. We then called the official that has been working on this for us and were informed that this indeed was the case.

So what is next? The official informed me that the Daniel Esther Project needs to begin yesterday. Monte Mills, a friend and pastor/missionary to Africa for many years, and Matt Bocker, a friend who has offered to document on film the story of the Daniel Esther Project to date, will travel to Haiti with me on Saturday, September 10.

We will obtain the deed, plot out the corners of the property and determine how best to proceed with the building of a wall around the property. Building the wall is a requirement in the area and will be the initial phase of the project. Wisdom, favor and practicality is needed. Oh! and so much more : ) Please be praying for us. We will keep you informed with more details to follow.