Michelle and I were working with the inner city poor of Columbia in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We had built a relationship with a little old lady, Miss Sarah, 90 years old. She lived in a housing unit on Read Street in downtown Columbia. One day she called me on the phone insisting I come to see her right then. When I arrived at her home she motioned for me to move a big chair she had in her tiny sitting room. Behind the chair was a great big white plastic purse. I handed it to her and she rummaged through it and pulled out a $100.00 bill and pushed it in my hand. I gave it back and she handed it to me again. “Miss Sarah, I can’t take your money,” “You take it.” I argued, refusing to take it until she thrust it hard into my hand and said to me. “I know what’s right and what’s wrong, don’t you tell me what to do!” Every month until she graduated to heaven Miss Sarah gave to the ministry work we were involved in.

Miss Sarah taught me something that day. It is not what we have, or where we live, or how young or old we are, it is our willingness to hear what is being spoken to us by God our Father, who cares about every need and yet uses people to meet those needs, and it is about our willingness to be obedient to what we know is right and wrong.
This month marks the end of 2013. We leave on the table quite a few unfinished projects needing additional funding. We go into the New Year with new ideas and new ministry opportunities.

  • A school in Haiti with 800 kids in a slum needs toilets.
  • A young boy named Daniel needs his monthly tutor paid. (Actually he is learning to read at 16)
  • Books and materials as well as computers are needed for our SALT projects (Student Leadership Training Schools). Click here to view our book drive page.
  • We have been asked to participate in a ministry trip to the Samburu tribe in Kenya.
  • We believe we are to start up another SALT project in Bangalore, India this year.

The Daniel Esther Organization would love to be able to meet many more needs this next year. We need your help. Pray about it and if you hear His voice help us help others. Thank you.

Paul Steyne, for all of us at the Daniel Esther Organization